Day 14: Seas

I marvelled at the wonderful sea creatures as I swam deep in the sea. I love being an underwater diver and researcher, as a child my siblings used to nickname me “mami water( mermaid).” Because that was the only thing I ever talked about. I read books tirelessly about water life both plants and animals, I always knew I loved the sea and the ocean but I wasn’t really sure what to do about it.

My parents wanted me to study medicine and so I did, but while I was in school studying medicine, my friend told me once about his distance cousin who worked as a researcher for a marine agency. Then it clicked! I knew what I wanted to become! Lucky for me, my friend also told me about another marine agency in the united states that was open for entries from African countries and the requirement was that you should write an extensive article on aquatic life. I did this and I was accepted! With free training from their agency and a good pay when the training is done.

I was so happy and so was the rest of my family, except my dad. He insisted that I continue studying medicine but I didn’t listen and dropped out to go after my passion, my father and I didn’t speak for a year then he fell very sick and there wasn’t any money to treat him. When I heard this, I flew all the way from the US and paid for his medical bills, it was in the hospital that we finally reconciled.

Just then, a flounder swims past me then stops in front of my face, facing me as if trying to figure out who I am, then turns around and waves its tail at me, then speeds off. I smile under my oxygen mask and wave back at it as it swims away.

Truly, it is a beautiful thing when one follows his dreams.

The fourteen days of nature have finally ended! Meaning I’ll be going on my break from now!

So, see you when I see you!

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